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I was born in London to two architects, so I grew up on graph paper and making model airplanes. I have always had a taste for detail, structure and creativity. 

I got my BFA in Craft and Material Studies at VCU in 2013. I studied textiles and glass at VCU and made a lot of things with my hands.  I was a rower and captain of the VCU Women’s Crew Team where I started to define who I am as a leader and a teammate.

I continued developing my leadership skills as I coached a team of 25 high school boys. I discovered an interest in business that I didn’t know that I had as I immersed myself in being a part of a management team at lululemon. I traveled to asia to visit our manufacturing facilities, I learned a lot about myself, and set a lot of goals.


I am currently an Experience Design student at the VCU Brandcenter. I am honing my design skills and learning how to ask better questions.


By January 2020 I make time to meditate at least 3 times per week. I attend an artist residency once a year starting Summer 2020. I am learning from a valued mentor and I lead a team of innovators for a company with values that align with my own by 2022.  I design, build out, and live in a van for a summer making art on the road. I race as a healthy and injury free athlete in a 50K trail race by 2025.


Catherine the sunshine lobbyist.

My co-worker, Luna.

I used to row boats.

Me, my mom and my furry brother.


Your influencers are all worth sharing because they clue people into who you are and what you to - sometimes even more than your own work.
— Austin Kleon author of Steal like an Artist
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