Experience Designer

These are areas that know I have a high competence in and this is where I can contribute my best results.  I also know that my greatest strengths are also my greatest weaknesses, so when things aren’t going well, I can looks to see which of these is creating a blind spot. 

core values strengths-14.jpg

I look for connections in seemingly disparate occurrences. When I think there is a better way to do things, I implement, test and collect feedback.  I think futuristically and I believe that every problem is solvable.

I rely on reason and I create specific action plans both in my personal life and professional life. I can identify problems, make sense of proceedings and create solutions. I am able to draw key conclusions from large sections of information.

I am can detangle situations and sort through facts to uncover the basis of intricate processes. People rely on me to break complicated things into their basic parts and make it easy to understand.  I dig deep with others and uncover what drives and motivates them in order to better lead and inspire them.

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I expect to be held accountable for my results and word. I believe in doing things correctly and ethically. I see projects through to the end, including recaps to synthesize learnings and create actionable changes for future projects. 


These principles are my true north.  They are like the banks of a river that keep me guided towards my goals. When something in my life feels out of balance, this is where I look to restore my footing. 

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I generate something from nothing. I believe in bringing creativity and innovation into everything that I do. Creativity is more than painting or drawing - it’s looking at things differently and generating solutions and ideas. 

core values strengths-11.jpg

I am on a constant quest for understanding. I enjoy the act of learning just as much as finding the answer. I look beyond what I think I know and I listen, ask questions. My questions lead to more questions and I am satiated by being able to distill something into its most pure, simple form.

am open and sincere. My conversations are real, transparent and vulnerable. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I believe in the power of full disclosure and I listen to others. I release my ego, quiet judgement and avoid assumptions.  I hold space for others to do the same.

core values strengths-10.jpg

I seek the unknown. I love the thrill of not knowing what comes next. I actively put myself in new situations because I know that possibility is bigger than failure. I know I will grow the most when I have to find my own way. I take the step even when I don’t know what comes next.