Scope: Conversational design | Conversational user interface | brand persona | 4 week team project

Role: Building out conversation in Chatfuel, conversation flow design, user testing and analytics


Description: People suffer from loss of sleep whether it is that they are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. Whether they are asleep or not, people spend as much time with their mattress as they do at their desk, and more time with their mattress than with any singular person. Leesa has the opportunity to bring a personality to a boring and sterile field of sleep products. Luna for leesa educates users about healthy sleep and helps them set routines for a better night’s rest.




We looked at peoples anecdotal opinions about sleep and their sleep routine.

Leesa presentation outline.jpg

We looked at what conversational interfaces were being used by other players in the market and saw that no one was using chatbots in a creative way.


We created a persona for Leesa, called Luna. Luna is a caregiver - She’s compassionate and positive. Sleepers are drawn to Luna because she always tries to see the best in them. Luna spews facts about sleep, gives mindfulness tips, and helps form healthy sleep schedules and habits with a little bit of spunkiness and wit. 


Conversation Flow

We began by looking at how natural conversation flows, and diagramming a normal conversation. We moved onto a more complex flow of how our users would interact with Luna.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.13.45 AM.png

We then programmed the conversation into ChatFuel and loaded it onto our Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.21.30 AM.png

With Leesa, user is able to:

  • set reminders for bedtime and alarms

  • access meditation resources

  • learn about sleep tips

  • access other sleep resources

  • learn about Leesa mattresses and products

User Testing

We let the public loose on Luna and we learned about how people interact with bots. The interest generally falls off after a few interactions so it had to work right the first try. We altered the pacing of our responses, how to access our menu, and came up with a few more default messages.

Leesa presentation outline (2).jpg

The Future of Luna

We see this eventually existing as a voice interface so the user does not need to be looking at their phone to use this. They would also then have access to the meditations and sleep visualizations hands (and eyeballs) free for an easier bedtime.

The Team

Catherine Gellatly - Experience Designer

Andrea Owens - Experience Designer

Kelsey Cowan - Experience Designer