Scope: 5 week solo project | User Research & testing | UI/UX | Visual design | Animation

Description: A redesign of the app for the Richmond public transit system including trip planning, maps, bus wait times, and mobile bus passes.

GRTC: Enjoy the Journey

One of the biggest areas for improvement with the GRTC is the reliability of buses and their on time arrival. Without changing the actual bus schedule and arrivals, what is possible is to set expectations with users. This update to the app allows users to get accurate bus arrival times and set an alarm for when they need to leave to catch the bus.

GIF image-83355D7C37FD-1.gif


  • Easily find arrival times by stop or by route

  • Set reminders when the bus is a specific distance away so you don’t have to wait at the bus stop longer than you need to.

  • Save routes, stops and destinations so it’s easier to get going each time you ride

  • Route maps

  • trip directions from door to door

Future features

  • mobile bus pass loaded into the app

  • a better interactive map

  • Bike rack availability

  • Report feature so riders can report light outages, defaced or damaged bus stops, etc.



I conducted an audit and looked at how people were using the existing app and what they found frustrating or confusing. I looked at GRTC’s ridership trends and their rider survey data. GRTC’s biggest growth opportunity is in improving reliability and increasing on-time arrivals. Without making any physical improvements, creating a usable app will help set expectations and reduce perceived wait times.


GRTC Brand Principles

For this project, I extracted a set of brand principles from the resources that were available on their website.

  • Clean - Our stations are clean and easy to navigate, and so is our technology.  There are no seats that you avoid because you aren't sure what that dark spot is - there are no features on the app that you avoid because you don't know what they do.

  • Safe - Our transit system is safe and we know that your journey doesn't necessarily begin or end on the bus.

  • Reliable - Our products and services are reliable, they are predictable and they work when you need them to.

  • Access - Our services are able to be used by everyone who needs them

  • Responsive - We are responsive to the needs of the communities we serve


Flow Diagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.02.43 PM.png

User Testing


After testing with bus users, I made some updates to the relationship of the bottom navigation to the home menu. I looked at how to make navigation easy when the user landed in the app no matter if they have used the app before or not.