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Meet Cat

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Completed Goals:

  • ✔ I complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training. by September 2016.

  • ✔ I am coaching a successful men’s varsity squad with a focus on mindfulness and body awareness. by May 2015.

  • ✔ I am accepted to VCU Brandcenter by May 2018.

  • ✔ I spend a month driving and backpacking across the country by June 2018.

Goals in progress:

  • I meditate at least 3 times per week starting January 2019.

  • I will attend a studio residency once a year starting Summer 2020.

  • I will lead a team of innovators for a company who has values that align with my own by 2022. 

  • I will design, build out, and live in a van for a summer.

  • I will race in a 50K trail race by 2025.